Professional Talent
with a Subscription

Our service offers tailored solutions by listening to your needs and proposing skilled professionals such as engineers, designers, and project managers.

With a quasi-delegated contract,
we offer renewable contracts for 3 months, allowing you to have the team members working under your supervision.
We operate on a subscription basis, with monthly payments due at the end of the following month. If you wish to discontinue the contract renewal, please notify us one month prior to the contract expiration date.

What is a quasi-delegated contract ?

A quasi-delegated contract involves one party entrusting certain tasks to another party, requiring specific skills or expertise.

Scope and Duration of Work: Quasi-delegated contracts define the scope and duration of the delegated tasks clearly. Terms and conditions for performing the delegated tasks, as well as payment arrangements, are also specified the contract.

Having no responsibility for “delivery” or “products”, but with an obligation of due care for working.

To assist in proposing professional personnel, please provide the following information:

  • Overview of the project
  • Scope of work/task
  • Remote work or not
  • Required skills
  • Desired but not necessary skills
  • Number of personnel required
  • Expected proficiency in English or other foreign languages
  • Duration (start and end dates)
  • Expected monthly working hours (typically 160 hours/month)
  • Budget


Providing the above details will enable us to offer tailored recommendations promptly and accurately.

We will respond promptly to your inquiry.

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